Mercedes Benz service Birmingham AL

When the service light, also called the check engine light, comes on inside the dashboard of your vehicle, you might immediately panic and assume the worst. While the bright red notice is one that should alert you to the vehicle’s need to attention, it doesn’t automatically mean that serious trouble is on the brinks. It is important to initiate Mercedes Benz service Birmingham AL at the first sign of trouble to minimize problems.

The check engine light is an onboard diagnostics system that illuminates on the dash when something triggers the OBD. It is always a sign that something is wrong when the light shows on the dashboard. There are many different things that can trigger the light to come on. Some of those issues are simple, while others are quite complicated. Of course, you want to start with the basic things and work your way up if the problems aren’t then resolved. Some of the most common reasons that the light comes on includes:

Mercedes Benz service Birmingham AL

·    Blown head gasket

·    Faulty fuel injector

·    Cracked hoses

·    Loose hoses

·    Malfunctioning emission control system

·    Faulty oxygen sensors

·    Worn Out spark plugs

This isn’t a complete list of the problems that may cause the check engine light to show on your dashboard without any other warnings. Although it might be possible to diagnose your vehicle troubles on your own, unless you can also make the repairs, it just makes sense to take your vehicle into a reputable repair shop.

When you see the light on the dashboard shining red, make sure that you call your Mercedes Benz automotive specialist at once. They can perform diagnostic testing that helps you learn exactly what is causing the trouble. They can then make repairs so you can drive your vehicle without worry or wonder.